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Endowments and Foundations

Whatever your goals, RINET can help your institution make a greater impact. We partner with you to develop programs that meet your institution’s unique investment and administrative needs through a personalized, end-to-end approach.

From evaluating your organization’s current investments to constructing a portfolio and performing administrative and tax compliance tasks, you can rely on us to be an extended part of your organization’s team.

Navigate the Changes in Your Financial Landscape With Us:


We review your organization’s Investment Policy and current investments to see if they remain a good match for your institution’s current goals, potential future needs and risk tolerance.


We apply what we learned from your organization’s Investment Evaluation to help you implement your institution’s Investment Policy Statement by constructing your organization’s portfolio with recommended investment managers and manager structures.


Our quarterly reports show how your organization’s portfolio has performed. The report compares your current asset allocation to the benchmark agreed to when your portfolio was established. We also compare the performance of individual managers to their respective benchmarks.


Changes in the market can change the composition of your organization’s portfolio. We carefully track performance and recommend that your portfolio be adjusted as needed to maintain your target asset mix. We also host periodic reviews, issue economic outlooks, and monitor investment managers on an ongoing basis.


For foundations, we can support your organization by helping you verify that any charitable organizations that receive grant support qualify under IRS guidelines.  In addition, we can facilitate those charitable grants, pay foundation expenses, and ensure overall tax compliance, including the requirement that a foundation meet the annual IRS 5% distribution rule.

For endowments, we offer audit support by providing information, data gathering, and serving as a resource in answering any questions during the audit process.