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Corporate Executives

In your company leadership role, you have goals to meet and high-level responsibilities. Successful leaders know which tasks to delegate to the appropriate individuals in their organizations. You simply don’t have time to personally handle each detail or get bogged down in the minutiae. Your personal financial life can benefit from the same approach. When you need to develop and execute a plan to meet your personal investing goals and manage the financial details for you and your family, you can delegate those tasks to us.  Here’s how we can help:

Delegate the Management of Your Personal Financial Situation to Us:

Cash Flow Planning & Net Worth Analysis

Just like your business, we know how important it is to manage your personal bottom line. We can help manage your cash needs by tracking inflows and outflows and helping you develop a realistic budget.  We will also develop your Net Worth statement to document your assets and liabilities, providing you with a clear picture of your net worth.

Income Tax Planning

As you know, taxes are a major expense.  We will work with you to develop tax efficiencies in your investment portfolios and estate plans. We will also help you plan and manage potential issues related to the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT).

Executive Compensation & Benefits Planning

We can help you manage the taxation around various executive compensation components including salary, bonus, stock options, and incentive/retention programs. We can help you manage the taxation issues around your compensation, as well as review your employer-sponsored benefits to make sure that you’re making the most of what you have.

Investment Management

Once we explore and understand your financial goals, we will evaluate your current investments. We will develop a suitable portfolio asset mix that can help meet your needs over time, select the appropriate investment managers and manager structures, and coordinate custody and brokerage services. We will help keep you on track with regular reporting and monitoring, making portfolio adjustments as needed.

Retirement Planning

If you are still saving for retirement, we can help you determine the mount you will need for retirement and develop a plan to help you achieve it.  We will work with you to design a retirement portfolio to help meet your goals and help preserve your wealth in retirement. If you’re nearing retirement, We will work with you to develop a plan for managing your retirement income and assets, along with a sensible spending plan that will honor your priorities and support your lifestyle.

Estate Planning & Wealth Transfer

Succession planning, business continuity, and responsibility transfers are all important to your company.  We believe they’re vital for your personal finances as well. We will help you develop or revise estate plans to help minimize estate taxes. We will work with your attorneys to implement wills, trust documents, power of attorney documents, and health care proxies.  With our intimate knowledge of your assets and goals, we can recommend more sophisticated planning strategies and organize your assets to help maximize family wealth.

Large Purchase & Investment Evaluations

Evaluating opportunities is one of your major responsibilities in your professional career. It is also important in your personal financial life. You may be thinking about purchasing a home, car, or boat. You may be considering a second home or a vacation property.  Or perhaps a friend or business colleague suggested a new investment opportunity.  Before risking a substantial sum, you may want to get a second opinion. We can help you evaluate large purchases and investment opportunities by fact-finding, examining your available cash and financing options, reviewing the risks, and comparing alternatives.

Insurance Planning

Risk management is an important part of your company’s strategic plan.  We believe it should also be an important part of your personal financial plan. We can work with your insurance advisor to periodically review your insurance plans. Our review will help ensure that your coverage levels — for life, property and casualty, disability, and umbrella liability — make sense for your specific situation.  For any new coverage you may need, we will assess the appropriate level and structure to meet your needs.  We will also periodically review your beneficiary designations to make sure they’re up to date.

Education Planning

In business, your employees are your company’s most important asset.  Providing professional education and training to them is a wise investment.  It is also important to invest in the future success of your children, grandchildren, or other family members, by supporting their education. We can help you evaluate different education savings vehicles, from Section 529 Plans to UGMA/UTMA accounts; and from Coverdell Education Savings Accounts to prepaid tuition plans. We can then design portfolios to help you reach your elementary school, secondary school, or college savings goals.

Philanthropic Planning

Your company may believe in giving back and making a difference in your community.  You may share that sentiment on a personal level as well. We will help you evaluate the various charitable giving vehicles such as donor-advised funds, private foundations, charitable trusts, and charitable gift annuities, as well as socially responsible/impact investing opportunities. We will guide you through the tax benefits and rules for each charitable vehicle, as well as develop portfolios to support your charitable giving goals.