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Investment Management

We take a unique 360-degree view of your financial landscape. You have a unique situation and personal investment objectives that must work in unison with your overall financial life. We take the time to explore your priorities and fully understand your needs, then work with you to craft a customized approach.

For us, it’s personal. Our people understand that a solid financial plan can help bring your dreams to reality. It’s not just about numbers.  It’s also very much about trust and respect. We recognize that your life doesn’t stand still and you may take some unexpected paths. That’s why we perform ongoing monitoring and offer comprehensive reporting. If your situation evolves over time, we make sure your investments align with your changing goals.

We Provide a Responsive Investment Approach Through the Following Services:

Investment Evaluation

We analyze your current investments to see if they remain a good match for your current goals, potential future needs and your tolerance for risk.

Portfolio Development

We apply what we learned from your Investment Evaluation to help you develop a tailored Investment Policy Statement and customized target asset mix. These elements form the basic blueprint for your long-term investment choices.

Investment Recommendations and Selections

To implement your tailored Investment Policy Statement, we align your portfolio(s) with your target asset mix. We recommend managers and manager structures, negotiate investment minimums and fees (as applicable), develop investment transition plans and coordinate custody and brokerage services.

Quarterly Reporting

Our quarterly reports show you how your portfolio has performed. The report compares your current asset allocation to the long-term benchmark agreed to when your portfolio was established. We also compare the performance of individual managers to their respective benchmarks.

Ongoing Monitoring

Changes in the market can change the composition of your portfolio. We carefully track performance and recommend that your portfolio be adjusted as needed to maintain your target asset mix. We also host periodic reviews and economic outlooks, and monitor investment managers on an ongoing basis.